Enterprise Applications

In today’s world of intensely competitive global marketplace, it’s critical for organizations to improve their operational efficiency in order to keep pace with the constant industry changes.

In order to achieve this, they not only need skilled & qualified people but also need right technology to support the business, in the form of their Enterprise Application and a partner who can provide cutting-edge solutions and help them redefine the way they do the business. ASTRAL Enterprise Application services offer such solutions from leading global vendors such as Infor and Oracle.

Implementing a solution requires more than simply taking advantage of every feature available in the packaged software. It involves applying these tools in a way that increases productivity, improves efficiency, and reduces operating costs. With skilled ERP professionals, strong partnerships with Infor and Oracle, and rich experience across application implementation, upgrade, integration, support and management; ASTRAL is effectively positioned to deliver scalable and fast-performing solution by leveraging our industry insight and unique technology expertise.